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Two factors influencing the speed of peeling veneer

The efficiency of the peeling machine is determined by the power of the cutter and the engine. In addition to the equipment itself, there are external factors of the equipment. These external factors can be avoided in the general situation.

     If the thickness of the cut sheet is too large, the speed will be reduced, so that when the peeling machine to work, the thickness of the wood and peeling speed is inversely proportional. When the wood moisture content is below the fiber saturation point, the cutting force decreases and the peeling speed increases, so the cutting force decreases with the increase of the water content. When the peeling angle of the peeling machine is reduced, the deformation of the chip increases, and thus the resistance to overcome the deformation increases, that is, the peeling speed of the peeling machine is reduced.

     The second is that the cutting force of the peeling machine will change with the angle between the cutting direction and the fiber direction. In the three basic cutting directions, the end cutting force is the largest, the longitudinal cutting force is the second, the transverse cutting The smallest force.

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