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The management system of the rotary cutting machine Settings

   Rotary cutting machine manufacturers and the use of manufacturers, in order to the safe usage of mechanical equipment and the extension of life, establish management system Settings are necessary. According to different types of machinery, a person, machine has the following three forms. 

   Single operation of rotary cutting machine, carrying out responsibility system of aircraft, its operating personnel take the functions of the captain. Many class assignments or more operating machinery, shall be composed of the unit, carrying out responsibility system of unit, the unit length of the pilot. Shift in the use of mechanical equipment operators and some should not be fixed, should make someone or team is responsible for the warehousing and maintenance, limited has the operation qualification of personnel, division of labor responsibility system under the leadership of a team leader. This way, the rotary cutting machine problem can timely screening and responsible in place. More suitable for large scale some manufacturers, better management, and statistics. When choosing a responsible officer to information personnel for the best, even not in position to ability, so as to the machinery and equipment management perfectly. 

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