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Rotary cutter's main avenue and related categories

   Rotary cutter is suitable for small diameter logs and have CARDS remaining wooden shaft rotary cutter reprocessing, processing leather thickness from 1.2.6 mm, if need to thicken, fei county rich wood industry machinery factory negotiate customized, the manufacturer should be to the wood used to make a sandwich or face as well as other USES man-made board. 

   Advantages, combined with a variety of lathe is easy to adjust, low noise, easy to operate, the advantages of high efficiency, good rigidity, each leather factory and man-made board production enterprise shall apply. No card rotary cutting CNC machine is one of the main equipment of the plywood production, it is belong to automatic control after the computer programming no card shaft rotary cutting machine, mechanical transmission is used for card shaft rotary cutting machine remaining wood core of rotary cutting and trail wood veneer rotary cutter after round.

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