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Rotary cutting machine operators wear rules

   Wood industry in the production of one of the most common mechanical equipment is rotary cutting machine, description of its use is not much to do, today is the safety of the operation personnel to do the following provisions. 

   Rotary cutting machine operator before the start of the work, must first check mechanical equipment handle position is correct, limit protection measures are in good condition, the belt chain tight pine are reasonable. Before this sleeve hems to tighten his clothes, wear relevant protective equipment is complete. Rotary cutting machine adjust rotary cutting thickness, before I can boot after startup fail to adjust, and also is very dangerous and can't adjust. Boot idling 1 to 2 minutes without exception after the official start of the work. Operators because of things left mechanical equipment, must cut off power supply. Cannot be neglected in the circumstances let the idling lathe cutting machine, unable to stop in time to prevent dangerous things. Work, must cut off power supply, check the mechanical equipment is actually stop, and then after confirmed, cleaning machinery and equipment surrounding the health. Safety operation every day to happy life every day. 

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