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Do you really know that there is a card rotary cutter?

Do you really know that there is a card rotary cutter?

The card rotary cutting machine adopts the steel plate welding structure, which is stable and reliable, with high precision, high speed, less sharpening, smooth surface, simple operation and easy maintenance. It is an ideal product for rotary cutting. The card rotary cutting machine produced by Fumin Machinery, as one of the single machines for plywood production equipment, has won praise and favor from customers with its high quality products and good after-sales service.

The working principle of the card rotary cutting machine puts the wood on the transmission stick, and the main motor drives the transmission roller and the pressure roller to rotate the log, and the feed motor passes the transmission device to make the push wheel and the log closely adhere. The encoder and the knife shift sensor control the tangential movement of the tool and the log. As the diameter of the log decreases, the tool shift sensor controls the tool feed to ensure that the veneer under the chip is uniform. With the advancement of technology, digital control technology is also applied to the production of rotary cutting machine. In recent years, CNC rotary cutting machine has appeared. The appearance of CNC rotary cutting machine not only improves the quality and precision of the production of single board, but also greatly improves it. Production efficiency and automation of the machine.

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